Reference-checking can detect inflated salary claims & other `white' lies. A recent US survey estimates that 30% of candidates give misleading information either on their resume or in an interview. Hireright, a fraud detection company, recently released some interesting statistics that show how rampant resume fraud is in Silicon Valley. It revealed that 80% of all resumes are misleading, 20% state fraudulent degrees, 30% show altered employment dates, 40% have inflated salary claims, 30% have inaccurate job descriptions, 35% list companies that no longer exist, and 27% give falsified references. Of these, inflated salaries are one of the more tricky issues that have badgered Indian HR professionals over the years.

Reference checks have been known to turn up very interesting information providing conclusive reasons about why a company should or should not hire an individual.

It has been noted that Reference Checks can enhance the accuracy of an assessment done during an interview by nearly 20 percent. Background Checks can also be done to authenticate credentials and verify claims of achievements made during the interview. Thus, there can be no substitute for very strong referencing and authentic information to back up the interview process in all aspects of verifying credentials, salary details, academic qualifications, skills, achievements, and behavior of the individual that the company seeks to hire.

Our Reference Check Reports include :
Personal Identification
Residence Verification
Employment History Verification
Education Verification
Employment Credit Reports
References (Business & Personal)
Professional Credit Verification
Business Credit Reports
Business References Verification
Bank Reference Verification

The charges for these Verification Reports are reasonable. Feel free to contact us for your needs of Specific Reference Checking.

We are also doing Reference Checking of Matrimonial Resumes / Bio-Data.

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